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where is everyone?


No More Meat

i saw this show on peta and shit..and now i cant look at meat anymore because of some of the footage i saw. 
so now i guess i'm going to be a vegetarian!

cant get the image of those poor animals being brutally slaughtered and rooling in blood.



I just got stuck, on the freeway, for 20 minutes, behind some DUMBASS with their frigging hazard lights on.

And you'd think OK maybe they're having issues? BASTARDS! They were doing 80 and tailgaiting!

I hate morons.

Oh, yeah, and a note ...

this profile, janny_mac, is just to manage the community. Any and all friend requests should go to my usual profile, jannymac. I do this to keep my LJ inbox from filling up. Soooooo...... have at it.

Also, if you guys have noticed, you can "tag" your entries so that in the future when we have several tags going, our members can click the tag they want to read entries on. The entries tagged will pop up rather than all of them. For admin announcements, I've decided to use "announcement", for ranting (which we all so love to do), we should use "rant". Each entry can have multiple tags, but I really would like them to all fit into specific categories -- so if you're chatting about random stuff, chat will work, but if its rat specific, try "rat chat". If its rat health, "rat health" obviously, etc. -- common sense, basically.

If your post is adult in nature --- and I don't mean swearing, I mean pictures, descriptive content, things we don't want 11 year olds seeing -- tag it "adult" and "rated" and put your content behind an LJ-cut. For info on cut-tags, read LJs help section, its super descriptive on how to use basic html here.

Aaaaaahum.... and I think.... that ..... is it. 

So, anyone new on the board should ideally introduce themselves so that both Sara and I know who the hell you are if the other approved you :) I assume as of right now we have Izzie and Jacob, but I haven't checked memberships yet. Any questions?!?

Hi and Welcome!

Hey everyone, 

Janell and I decided to make this community in order to provide a better moderation system, so welcome to Frattie Pratter!
Lets get this pratter going!


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