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Frattie Pratter

Palaver amongst yourselves, kids.

Frattie Patter
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Ferrets, rats, and chats -- frattie patter!
This community is based on invitation only. Once someone has told me they've invited you, you'll be approved. Otherwise, you'll be denied after a week if no one speaks up on your behalf.

Basic member rules are these:
1. Don't irritate anyone intentionally, stir shit, or cause drama just to cause drama. Majority vote will get you kicked out, so if I get a handful of complaints about anyone, I reserve the right to punt you, and I don't care who you were invited by.

2. No flaming on any particular racial group, disability, sexuality, etc. -- we're all individuals and we don't want anyone being a bigot.

3. No advertising. This is not your personal Craigslist.

4. Use lj-cut tags whenever possible. If you don't, I may modify your posts so that they're fitting the layout better. Nothing personal, I just like it to look pretty. Likewise, keep your pictures 400x400 px unless you hide them behind a tag.

5. LABEL your entries. If there's any content our younger or more sensitive viewers may be worried about, LABEL, LABEL, LABEL!!

PARENTS: We are not held accountable for what your child may see, read, or post here. It is YOUR job to be the parents, not ours!